The Ceramic Creation Process

Pulling: this refers to the raw construction of the project from unformed “wedged” clay or porcelain.  The process to create bowls/cups or other simple objects is typically 90 minutes to 2 hours.  More complex objects such as teapots and sculptures will take 2-4 hours as they will combine multiple elements.  After the pulling step is complete, the object can “air dry” if purely for decoration or can be trimmed and baked or simply baked.


Trim, Carve, Paint: after a pulled object is allowed to dry to a certain degree (usually described at ‘Leather Hard’), it is ready to be carved/trimmed/painted.  The time to perform this step is whole determined by the level of detail desired by the potter but should take in the order of 30 minutes to 1 hour per piece.  After this step, the piece is ready for its first firing or ‘bisque’.

First Firing (bisque): this process is the first time the piece is exposed to high temperatures.  This process removes water content and can be the final step for the piece if it is not used in a functional way (such as decoration as opposed to hold water/food).  This process is done by Spin and Gogh on a bi-weekly basis.  Firing takes between 8-20 hours and it will be done in our onsite electric kiln.  

Glaze: glazing is a powder coating baked on the piece due to high firing temperatures.  This process allows the piece to hold water/food without re-absorbing water content.  Also, the process is a decorative step as this how most pieces receive their final coloration/pattern.  Adding the glaze will be can take between 30-45 minutes per piece depending on the complexity desired.

Second Firing: this process is required to bake the glaze to finish the piece.  This is done at a higher temperature than the first firing and will be done by Spin and Gogh on a bi-weekly basis.  Second firing takes between 8-20 hours and it will be done in our onsite electric kiln.

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