Why Pottery?


Pottery is very unique among the arts as you can get very good at it in only a few sessions.  Unlike learning a musical instrument or becoming a master chef, you will be able to construct completed art pieces after only a few session and without having to practice at home.

At Spin & Gogh, we supply you with everything you need to create completed pottery pieces including raw materials, equipment, inspiration, and guidance – in a fun, casual environment to truly foster your creative side.  We service all from 1st time potter to experienced professionals.  Learn more about the ceramics making process.

Time and Reservation


General hours: We are open everyday from 9:30am to 6pm.  Please call or text to make your appointment 0938 814 076.  We can host events from 6pm to 9pm with advanced bookings and may accommodate private birthday parties, corporate team-bonding events, or family & friends gatherings by closing the studio.  For private event information, please call for rates and availability.


Fun classes: Each session is around 90-120 minutes depending on how fast you work and how busy the studio is.  The fun classes will be held in a group setting and we will assign the project to match your experience.  The fee will cover instructor and studio time, material, and tools.  We will also fire your final project for you for free and you can can return to our studio to color your completed pieces after 7-10 days.  Please understand that we cannot guarantee the outcome of your project and unexpected breakage may happen in the kiln (oven) and we will not refund the session fee which covers mainly the instructors' time.

Clay: Our clay is imported from the USA to ensure that it does not contain lead or other toxins.  For this reason, we will not bake other clay products in our kiln and we will not bake the clay after they leave our studio to avoid contamination.  

Glaze: Our glaze is also imported from the USA to ensure that it is food-safe and that it does not contain lead.  We have tested numerous local glazes and have found that they contain high-level of lead so we have decided to import the glaze from the US along with the clay.  All of your finished products will be food-safe and safe for children.

Baking: If you purchase our clay and glazing, we will bake your pottery product for free!  The baking will include bisque and final baking.  We will not bake products that are not made in our studio for baking to avoid kiln contamination. We hope you understand our concerns.

Contact Information

Address: 212 Tran Van Tra Street, Panorama Complex, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Phone: +84 938 814 076

E-Mail: spinandgogh@gmail.com

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjiVr8jdN3GSyfKdzr9-uGQ

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